About Me

Simon William Chilcott – Artist- Oil Paintings

As an Artist, Simon finds inspiration in fragments of nature and people such as Kevin Hill, Bill Alexander, Bob Ross.

Most of his work is about reproducing from a photo or from a video, He now has the freedom to put his own creations together and within this realm.

His work varies from representational to abstract, and is continuously moving along the continuum between the two.

Simon tends to work in layers and apply one wet layer to another until the painting is finished.

He is known for a distinctive use of colour and a recognisable style, despite the range of subjects He depicts.

Simon is striving to make his work more Contemporary, but aims to make sure that it is meaningful and that the viewer can relate the picture to its title.

Today, from his home studio in the heart of the English countryside, Simon continues to create paintings that show all the atmosphere and colour of his surroundings.

His lifelong attention to detail lends an authenticity to the rural scenes he depicts in his landscapes. Now, each new painting by Simon Chilcott is an example of how the artist has grown in stature.

As Simon says himself: “I worked very hard for the last twenty years to the exclusion of most other pleasures in life.

That’s my life there, every picture is extremely satisfying to finish and even harder to part with… there is a part of myself which I sincerely put into all of my work.”

Simon Chilcott has developed over these intervening years into an artist with his own national reputation.

His range of painting styles has shown steady progress through a variety of methods and genre into a new form of impressionist painting.

Simon Chilcott has deserved his success and has now become a respected and collected professional artist.

All my paintings are on stretched canvas and I paint on all four sides, This makes them ready to hang.